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Going for Jesus World Ministries Church

Pastor Silver and Vicky have a two year old son, Hadriel Silver, who really keeps them on their toes. Pastor Silver's adult children are Elizabeth S.,  and son Elijah S., and his wife Alexandra.

​​Check out our outreaches and Phillippine mission churches under the Connect tab.  You will see we are very active.  We know we can't reach the world by just sitting in a building.  Every week I pray for our people to have Holy Spirit their workplace, with family, in the grocery store, in unusual places.  It's amazing to hear about what happens!                                    


GOING FOR JESUS  is not just our church name.  It's what we do on a daily basis.  On Sundays we come together to worship, celebrate the Lord and fellowship. Sometimes the presence of the Lord gets so strong  it's hard to stand up.  God is faithful.  As the Gospel is preached not only in word but in power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord works with us and confirms his Word in very tangible ways. We love to see what God does with and through us.   We pray for the sick and see God heal.   We pray for everyone who wants a touch from the Lord, whatever the need.  When you're going for Jesus, you're going for all of what God created you to be and do to fulfill His plan and purpose for your life.  We would love to have you join us!


​Pastor Silviano and Vicky Moreno                               (But just call me Pastor Silver)

I'm passionate about the Lord, my family and fulfilling the call that God has on my life to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and eternal salvation through Him by the grace of God.  I learned first hand that my God is a God of second chances...or, third or fourth, or however many you may need! 

When my wife, Vicky, and I first started this ministry in 2010, I asked her what  we should  call this church that God wanted us to start. She answered, "I don't know,  but we're going for Jesus!"  I said, "That's it!"  The name will be "Going for Jesus".


I love to share my testimony because it demonstrates the true, awesome, supernatural power of God that can transform a life.  I was on the sure road of utter destruction  but I met the real "transformer" in 2000 at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida led by Steve Hill.  By the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ brought me out of darkness  and into the light. His all encompassing love brought me healing, wholeness,  restoration and set me on a new road of serving Him and others in ways I never dreamed possible.